How To Enable The New Facebook Timeline Feature

You probably seen or heard of the new changes that Facebook announced. One of the new and upcoming features is called Timeline .
While currently it is still in development and does not look attractive, especially for the average Facebook user as it is right now, the idea is very nice. It solves the problem of finding that post or shared item that you had seen or shared yourself in the past. Timeline allows you to browse your profile or your friend’s profile chronologically and that will make it easy to track and find such content.

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Google Chome: Is It Really Better?

I am big fan of Google and their product, the company culture and innovations, and use most of the products and prefer them over other options.
That being said, I call things as I see them, which in this case, analyze and verify some myths about Chrome that are spread by many Chrome users due to either not verifying what they read or hear, or just out of frustration with other browsers like Firefox, Opera and others.

Here are some of the claims that I personally read or heard.

“Chrome is lean and efficient!”

This depends on how you define lean and efficient.

Let’s examine each part.

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Linux – How To Delete Files In Specific Date Range

Warning: Test this on a NON production computer/server or in a dummy directory before you run it.

This example assumes that you want to start the delete process on files that had date
stamp starting 09-10-2010 @ 12:00 AM and ending 09-18-2010 23:59
Modify the startdate and enddate to reflect that dates that you are trying to delete the files between them.

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Moving On…

As of 9-10-2010 I am no longer working at myspace.
I had many good friends there, but the time has come to move on.

Facebook Account Now Restored…

I finally got Facebook to restore my account.
They said it was disabled in error, and no further details were given.

I can guarantee you that this was the result of those turks mass complaining about my post regarding the Armeninan genocide and the facts that posted about it which turks who usually deny it ever happened didn’t like.

Unfortunately it seems that Facebook will automatically disable your account if they receive several complaints about your posts and then they will look at it later, sort of shot first and then ask later thing.

Oh well.
Account is back online now.

Facebook Disabled My Account…

Yesterday, trying to check my facebook account, I get a notice that the account has been disabled.

I have not done anything unusual, I don’t post commercial message.

The only thing that I remember which might have caused this, is some of the death threats that I have received because I posted some facts about Turkish atrocities against minorities and expanded on the Armenian genocide history in one of the groups that was setup to oppose Turkey joining the EU.

At that time I deleted all the threats and considered them as childish, but it looks like they went to complaining to Facebook, and apparently some Facebook customer service drone disabled the account without checking.

Looks like a simple google search shows that this is a common issue with Facebook, some accounts get even disabled for no reason.

So far contacting them at the email listed for disabled accounts ( yielded nothing.

I will keep trying, and see what happens.
Shame on Facebook for having such poor customer service and no minimum courtesy towards their users.